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General information about Tenders

Throughout Europe, working with tenders is very common. Governments within the European Union are obliged to tender all their purchases, projects and services whenever it exceeds a threshold amount. These published tenders are made available through the Tender Electronic Daily database. Each day, over 1100 tenders are published. This number will increase strongly due to the planned expansion of the European Union.

Also public services including hospitals, water companies or utilities have to tender in most cases.

These tenders include:
- road construction
- utilities
- machinery supply
- vehicle supply
- hardware and software supply
- services including Project Management, Implementations, Research etc
- office cleaning
- etc.

Due to the amount and diversity of published tenders, it is impossible to select tenders manually. This would cost a lot of time and money.

TenderScope uses a highly intelligent matching system, that screens the database for new tenders on a daily basis. The TenderScope matching system contains a highly detailed selection profile for each customer.

This includes the following selection criteria:
- type of tender
- type of procedure
- product of service
- type of contract, eg. construction, deliveries, projects and services
- country, including the summary (language of your choice)
- type of tendering service, like military, national or local government or public services
- awarding criteria
- awarded tenders

The TenderScope matching system also includes the possibility to search on specific keywords within the tender description. These words may even be specified in the language of the country for that tender.

TenderScope has a unique selling point in offering this wide range of selection criteria.

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